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Face to face, Tong Yanrunan alla Querini Stampalia


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"Tong Yanrunan at the MUSEO FONDAZIONE QUERINI STAMPALIA , Venice, Italy Opening ceremony : 4PM 28th, May, 2018. (Monday) Time : 28th, May, 2018 — 5th, June, 2018. Address: The first floor of Fondazione querini stampalia Museum
Host units: Venetian government
Undertaker: Fondazione querini stampalia Museum
The co-organizer: Cafoscari University of Venice, Accademia di belle arti di VENEZIA, Venice Museum Union, We Exhibit Organization.

This is the first time for Fondazione querini stampalia Museum allowed Chinese artist to holding a show in the main exhibition hall of the pavilion. Tong Yanrunan’s works is different with depiction. His works return to the beginning of the universe by abandoning the way of external decoration. Viewing his paintings, we can think deeply about relationships between human and the universe and get more closer to reality. Also, we can obtain a new original power to help us to get peace through reflecting our life".

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