When the shot meets the rock by Alex Ruffini

Photo exhibition by ALEX RUFFINI
Inauguration Sept. 8, 2019 - 7pm
Monday Sept. 10th, 2019 closed
Tuesday 11th to Sunday 15th, 2019 - 3.30pm to 7.30pm

On September 8th, 2019 at 7pm , tiptoe into this evocative and wonderful Italian atmosphere at the Giudecca island to welcome and cordially present the inauguration of Alex RUFFINI's exhibition, a great Venetian photographer of international rock stars.
Witness the great friendship with Alex Ruffini and the importance of his charitable event “Cancer Drugs & Rock n’ Roll” in favor of AVAPO Venice.
At the inauguration, an internationally renowned artist will also take part in this great event.
Alex, like many others, fought with great dignity and determination for 2 years against pancreatic cancer. This terrible disease affects all of us directly or indirectly through friends and family. But thanks to today’s research, it is possible to treat more than the half of the affected people.
Alex RUFFINI was not only the great venetian photographer of the "Rock Stars” but also a person of great heart, who during the two long years of unequal battle against pancreatic cancer turned his thoughts and energy to make it his “mission” of “Cancer Drugs & Rock n’ Roll” to help all those who suffer from this disease while it was consuming him.
AVAPO (an Association of Volunteers for the care of Oncology Patients) helps patients who need assistance and care (at home or in the hospital). They provide psychological assistance and supportive therapies to patients’ families as well as equipment and useful devices for improving their quality of life.
Today’s research has undergone a considerable acceleration during the recent years and assists achievements to arrive in faster times.
It is a battle that is fought day by day and no one can say that the war against this "enemy" is over.
The fight is still long and the road is "impervious" but the projects are various and one day it will be possible to say that this threat of evil no longer exists because it will be defeated!!!
With the support of all of us, we can achieve this difficult but attainable goal and your presence at this exhibition testifies not only your friendship with Alex but also your willingness to contribute significantly and to support this project.
Unfortunately, Alex RUFFINI left us this past June 18th, 2019... at the young age of 50 years old.
“Cancer Drugs & Rock n’ Roll” was started by the strong belief of Alex for the collection of funds for cancer research in favor of AVAPO (Association of Volunteers for the Care of Oncology Patients) Venice

Who has never “lived” the charm of a photo?
Who was not surprised, astonished, amazed, stunned or impressed in front of these masterpieces?
Getting close to a photo is not difficult, nor is it complicated.
This art is usable by everyone.
It is transparent, immediate, easy to understand and interpret; it allows you to free your feelings and to experience moments you may have never lived before through the sensation that the photographer expresses at that moment.
Alex Ruffini had a deep connection with international rock artists, and thanks to his dowry and his "seventh sense", he knew how to capture that perfect moment while stopping time to immortalize forever the emotions of every rock star.
The result of this long and spontaneous photographic journey?
7.200 unique and unrepeatable images.
For Alex the shot had to be exclusive and extraordinary, no constructed or artificial poses but natural and spontaneous in order to exalt and represent the artist.
Are you ready to leave now? Wait!
Let us celebrate the person who never left our hearts; immerse yourselves in a journey "in the dark" while opening the door to your sensations, reflections and discoveries...
..leaving the soul and the heart free to travel!
A world of beauty and intimate works await you.
Dip and abandon yourself through the sight of a “photographer artist” who in his human dimension was able to not only find joy, irony, tranquility, serenity, exuberance, transgression, trust, gentleness and harmony but also impertinence and boldness.
An exhibition that makes you experience "the other rock star"; the one who trusted Alex thus allowing him to "steal" intimate moments of his life.
A very special photo event with a fantastic and stimulating experience that will allow you to look beyond the human features of the artists, opening up an infinite world of feelings.
You will be pervaded by the pounding rhythm of the bass and the "crash" of the sticks on the plates.

And living this exhibition means living the heart of reality !!
Let rock be with you !!!
We wait for you.
Cancer Drugs & Rock 'n Roll

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